Razer Rogue Backpack (15.6") v2

  • Razer Rogue Backpack (15.6") v2
  • Razer Rogue Backpack (15.6") v2
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You can never truly know where life takes you, which is why the Razer Mercenary Bag is designed to go where you want. Rugged yet comfortable, this bold backpack will withstand the harshest of urban situations you find yourself in, while keeping all your personal items safe. The generous space and compartments will hold your Razer Blade 17” and much more, so even when you have a long activity-packed weekend ahead, you can carry it all in your Razer Mercenary Bag.
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The Razer Tactical backpack is made from the same materials used for military flak jackets to protect its wearer from debris and fragmentation – thick, tightly woven robust ballistic nylon. Its water-resistant, scratch and tear-proof exterior effortlessly protects your gear as you take on the perils of everyday life.
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Tear proof and water resistant exterior TPU padded scratch proof interior Dedicated laptop compartment Fits Razer Blade Pro and most 17.3” laptops Volume 28L Dimensions Width 32.5cm X Height 52.5cm X Depth 17cm Consumer Profile: Traveling gamer, suited for overnights

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