Zowie by Benq EC3-C

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ZOWIE FK2-B Mouse for e-Sports
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Svars: 59 g Izmērs:118х56х38 mm Sensors: Optiskais 125/500/1000 Hz( Max 16 000 DPI) Akselerācija (Maks. Paātrinājums):50G Pogu skaits: 5 Apgaismojums: RGB Iekšējā atmiņa: nav Vada garums: 1.8 m
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S Series is designed to have a shorter overall length allowing users’ to easily wrap around and hold the mouse. There’s enough space between the palm and back edge of the mouse so users can move freely during vertical movements. S Series is equipped with 3360 sensor and comes in two different sizes.
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LIMITED STREET EDITION. The M4 Street is a special edition of the M4 ultra-light gaming mouse, inspired by urban life and its sneaker culture.

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