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Rigid PCB Linkers, 9 linkers per pack. Replacement for the standard linkers that ship with Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kits and Expansion Packs.
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Replacement Rigid Linkers for all Nanoleaf Shapes light panels.
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Each Kit Includes: 12 screw mounts 12 wall anchors (for drywall/plaster) 12 steel screws (drywall/plaster/wood) 4 Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Light Panels Perfect for mounting your light panels to uneven or porous surfaces where the included foam tape is unsuitable. Watch a video of how to use the screw mount kit here.
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Package includes Nanoleaf Canvas power supply unit and A/C power cord with Canvas linker. Select the plug type that you need, as only one is shipped in this kit. Suitable for high-voltage use (~240vac).
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A different kind of control. No need to unlock, tap, or swipe – one simple turn of the Nanoleaf Remote is enough to control all your lighting.

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