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The YARU Desk Chair is the perfect solution for long days in the office or gaming at home.
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The LOOTER Gaming Chair puts you right at the centre of the action.
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With its bold red accents, the XANDOR Gaming Chair sends out all the right gaming signals – and that’s just the icing on the cake when it comes to the many awesome features your new gaming chair has in its armoury. Its hardwearing, rugged materials mean it doesn’t only just look premium – it also means this chair is built to last. And it’s not lacking either when it comes to never-ending comfort during mammoth gaming sessions. Its two adjustable, removable pillows offer the perfect amount of neck and lumbar support, with the seat-base bolsters forming a wide surface for incredible comfort. You can also adjust the backrest and incline it anywhere between 90 and 180° to suit the game and position yourself to reign supreme.
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The ZAYNE Gaming Chair boasts an extensive range of gaming-optimised features all united perfectly in one stunning chair for long-haul gaming sessions, missions and fights on the PC. In addition to the full-range rocker mechanism and the adjustable backrest recline, which you can adjust anywhere between 90 and 180°, the chair also comes with two adjustable, removable pillows for neck and lumbar support. The head pad is also specially designed to shape to the head for maximum comfort. The ZAYNE is built to last, plus it looks stunning and sublime with its sumptuous black finish – making it the perfect throne from which to launch your campaign for victory.
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Night-time fights and assignments, LAN parties with friends or action-packed races – with its striking design the ARIAC Gaming Chair is perfect for any gaming situation on the PC. With its infinitely adjustable seat height, rocker mechanism and backrest recline, sitting doesn’t get more comfortable than this. It also boasts 4D armrests – simply put them into the most relaxing position and immerse yourself in the gameplay. With a 360° swivel design and dual-wheel castors the ARIAC offers incredible ease of movement, letting you position yourself for the best view of the action. And with comfortable padding and removable neck and lumbar support cushions, you’ll be fully kitted out for extended gaming sessions.
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To achieve your best in the game, you need to adopt a winning position. The massive TAGOS XL Gaming Chair with its bold design and stately size meets every PC gamer’s needs. Sit in unparalleled comfort thanks to the extra-wide, height-adjustable seat and adjustable backrest recline – and settle in for long-haul gaming sessions equipped with comfortable padding, an integrated headrest and 4D armrests. The TAGOS also swivels a full 360° for the best view and zero restrictions. Nothing will stand between you and your march to triumph!

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