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Dark Project KD83A Cool Grey, Teal Switch, RU

SKU: DP-KD-83A-004100-GTC
Dark Project


The 75% keyboard is compact accompanied by greased mechanical switches Gateron Cap Teal, double-shot PBT keycaps, on-top printed ENG/UA characters, RGB backlighting, greased PCB mount stabilizers and steadfast silicone noise isolation.



83 keys
75% format compact keyboard applicable for less space and frees up more desk space for mouse operation
Gateron Cap Teal Mechanical switches
The Teals switches are a joint project between Gateron and the Dark Project. The first serial switches are greased during the manufacturing process. Waxing at the production stage ensures switches are pressed smoothly and reduces eldritch sound.

Pressing force – 50g
Operation distance – 2 mm
Clicks resource – 50 million clicks

16.8 million RGB colours
Full bright RGB backlight with wide range adjustable range. A separate diode under each key provides a directional light beam, the intensity and regulated brightness at Dark Project software. By pressing the short-cuts the RGB backlit has supported control.

Layout – ENG/UA
Keycaps – Cherry

Keycap material
PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). PBT material has high chemical resistance, increased hardness and abrasion resistance.

Manufacturing technology – Double-Shot (double casting). The keycap consists of 2 separate plastic molds. Under high temperature and pressure, plastic molds are combined. When using double casting the symbols on the keycaps will not be erased even with long and intensive use.

Greased stabilizers
During the keybaords assembling on conveyor the stabilisers going throught the process of handy waxing. Greased stabilizers provides tactilely pleasant adhesiveness of the keys movement and pleasant sound.

PCB Mount construct
Stabilizers fasten to the printed circuit board (PCB). This type of mounting significantly reduces mechanical vibrations and audio resonance. The PCB Mount type is the standard for custom made keyboards. Compatibility with this standard provides a wide range of options for future keyboard upgrades.

Technology allows to replacement of switches without disassembling the keyboard and using a soldering iron. Replacing switches enlarges the great opportunities for customisation of the keyboard and significantly increases its maintainability.

Silent Mount. There are 3 key components of a chassis: the top and bottom covers (housing), the main supporting structure (chassis plate) and the printed circuit board (PCB). In order to reduce the resonance of the body silicone is laid at the points of contact between its parts. The screws connecting the body parts are covered with silicone caps. A layer of silicone noise insulation is also laid between the main supporting structure (chassis plate) and the housing cover.

In The Box
• Keyboard
• Metal keycap puller
• Metal switch puller
• USB Type-C cable
• 4 test switches
• Instruction
• Warranty card

Svars1600 g

Dark Project


Melna, Pelēka

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