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Dark Project KD83A LTD Aluminum Blue-White, Teal Switch, US

SKU: DP-KD-83A-224505-GTC
Dark Project


The KD-83A LTD is a fully customizable mechanical keyboard with a durable aluminum design and factory-lubed Gateron Cap Teal switches for a smooth and satisfying typing experience. The keyboard also offers you a stunning 16.7 million colors RGB backlight that can be fully customized by the Dark Project software. The combination of a gasket mount design, hot-swap switches and QMK/VIA firmware compatibility make this keyboard a perfect choice for enthusiasts looking for a premium and fully customizable typing experience.



83 keys
A 75% keyboard is compact. This is ideal for gamers who require more desk space for quick, on-the-fly mouse movements. This is the most ideal size as it combines the length of a 65% keyboard and also manages to keep the function keys. This allows for countless custom macros!

Gateron Cap Teal Mechanical switches
The Teal switches are a joint project between Gateron and Dark Project. These switches are lubricated during the manufacturing process to ensure a smooth and pleasant typing experience without any unpleasant sounds.
Actuation force – 45g
Pre-travel – 2 mm
Durability – 50 million keystrokes

Layout – ENG
Profile – CSA. The unique CSA profile has a rounded shape and softly slanted sides. This provides a more natural typing experience and reduces finger fatigue, as it allows the fingers to rest in a more relaxed position.
Keycap Material – PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). PBT plastic is highly resistant to chemicals. Because of this, it is far more durable and abrasion resistant than ABS.
Manufacturing technology – Double-Shot (double casting). The keycap consists of 2 separate plastic molds. Under high temperatures and pressure, these plastic molds are combined. Using this method ensures that the symbols on the keycaps will never be erased, even after long and intensive use.

Complete Soundproofing Solution: Gasket Mount & PE Foam
A gasket mount is a design feature in mechanical keyboards that reduces vibrations and noise by separating the PCB and the plate with silicone. The cushioned silicone barrier absorbs sound and vibrations, providing a more comfortable and tactile typing experience that reduces fatigue and improves accuracy. The gasket mount also helps drastically reduce keyboard noise, making it ideal for you and the people around you. Apart from the Gasket mount design, an additional layer of PE Foam is also provided for further insulation.

Hot-Swap technology allows the user to replace the switches without disassembling the keyboard. There’s no need for a desoldering iron anymore. Having easily replaceable switches doesn’t only increase its maintainability but also offers the user the ability to fully customize the keyboard.

16.8 million RGB colors
Bright RGB backlight with a wide range of fully customizable effects. A separate diode under each key provides a directional light beam, the intensity, and brightness can be regulated by the Dark Project software. You can also change the RGB backlight settings by pressing the pre-set key shortcuts that are listed in your manual.

Greased stabilizers
During the keyboard’s assembly process on the conveyor system, the stabilizers are greased, by hand. Greased stabilizers provide a smooth, pleasant feeling when pressed. Not only are they tactilely pleasant but also produce a pleasant sound, thanks to the grease.

Included in the box
Metal keycap puller
Metal switch puller
Detachable Cable
4 test switches
User’s Manual
Warranty card

Svars3000 g

Dark Project



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