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Shurikey Hanzo 002, EC Sakura V2, US

SKU: S01A002B001C1D01E002
Shurikey Gear

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Pieslēgums: Bezvadu
Savienojums: Bluetooth | USB
Krāsa: Brūna
Apgaismojums: Ir
Taustiņu valoda: US
Klaviatūras tips: Mini 65%
Slēdži: EC Sakura V2


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Three Styles

001 – Retro Computer Style 

002 – Western Desert Style

003 – Arcade Game Style

Retro Industrial Aesthetic

The mechanical keyboard is the memory of human beings for the technology and aesthetics of the past.

In the new period, we pick it up again and try to recreate the beauty of that time.

Shurikey incorporates industrial-era elements such as industrial knobs and rivets in a retro shape, supplemented by RHCM shell technology that can bring high-quality plastic texture, and two-color molding keycap technology to create a unique theme keyboard.

Multimedia Knobs

Hanzo is equipped with two multimedia knobs, which can quickly adjust the system volume and keyboard backlight.

Hanzo features innovative decorative footrests. It’s a decorative accessory when the kickstand is not in use and flips to lift the keyboard. The raised height of the keyboard is 3° and 7° respectively.

R e t r o f i t a b i l i t y

Retrofitability is an important feature of industrial-age products. Hanzo’s various decorative and functional parts, including cover, rivets, knobs, and footrests, are designed to be convenient and detachable structures with great playability.

Original height ABS two-color molded keycaps
Hanzo uses Shurikey’s hand keys and self-developed high-thickness ABS two-color molded keycaps. All aspects are standard high-end customized two-color keycaps. The thickness is further increased to 1.5mm thickness, bringing a solid input experience.

Silky Smooth Varmilo EC V2 Switches

Varmilo EC V2 switch integrates the electrostatic capacitive triggering method with the structure and feel of the traditional mechanical switch. Its friction feeling, spring sound, stability, and lifespan are significantly improved compared with traditional mechanical switches.

65% Layout

Hanzo adopts an innovative 65% layout. On the premise of a compact keyboard, the arrow keys and the most commonly used function key Delete are retained. Other commonly used function keys can be quickly cut out and used by shortcut keys.

Bluetooth Wireless Connection

Hanzo supports wired/Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode connection, and Bluetooth can connect up to 3 devices at the same time and switch quickly.

Looooooooooooooooooong Battery Life

Built-in 4400mAh large-capacity lithium battery provides long-lasting battery life.

Over 30 days of use for 8 hours a day with the backlight turned off.

Svars1600 g

Shurikey Gear



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Mini 60%-65%



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EC Sakura V2

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