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Varmilo Summit R2 VA87M, TKL, Cherry MX Silent Red, US

SKU: VA87MA022A6A2A01A007

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Savienojums: USB
Krāsa: Melna | Zila
Apgaismojums: Ir
Taustiņu valoda: US
Klaviatūras tips: TKL
Slēdži: Cherry MX Silent Red


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Varmilo is a bright star in the firmament of Chinese keyboard manufacturers. Lubricated stabilizers, hand-assembly, aesthetic design – each Varmilo keyboard is like a work of art.

You don’t have to go to Norway, Denmark or Sweden to feel the Scandinavian spirit – just look at the design of the Summit keyboard, which was developed by Danish designers from Mudflats Creative. Jutunheimen peaks, a forest, an axe, a tent – everything you need to have a great time.

If your keyboard stands unevenly, don’t be alarmed! Varmilo keyboards are assembled by hand, so this problem can occur if the factory did not fully latch the case during assembly. To fix it, you can simply bend the keyboard from different sides as shown in our video.

The updated version of the keyboard has a USB Type-C port instead of Mini-USB. It’s hidden in the center under the case, and the keyboard itself has a central and two side grooves for the cable.


V-Silk keycaps.

Made of durable PBT plastic with dye-sublimation technology and engraved characters on the sides. Keys are smooth and pleasant to the touch, less dirty, and characters do not rub off or feel when printing.

Factory-Lubricated Stabilizers

The combination of stabilizers and lubrication makes the enter, space, shift, and backspace keys run smoothly and evenly.

White backlight

Features 3 modes: off, static glow, fading effect, and 4 brightness levels.

Modes change via FN + right arrow, FN + up/down arrow changes brightness in static glow mode and speed in fade mode.

Instead of the factory white backlight you can install a custom backlight of a different color.

Multimedia and additional FN functions

The keyboard supports keyboard shortcuts for volume control and music control. You can also disable the windows button and swap the Fn and Win/Ctrl keys and Caps Lock.

Due to the nature of the production the characters on the keys can be positioned with a slight offset.

Adjustable feet

Allow you to raise the keyboard and change its angle for comfortable typing, and the rubberized bottom will keep the keyboard in place.

The keyboard is compatible with Mac OS

Multimedia and additional FN features are MAC OS compatible and work as they should, and you can swap modifier keys in the system settings. Tested with MAC OS 10.13.

Full N-key Rollover via USB (NKRO)

Allows you to press an unlimited number of keys at the same time. Handy in game when you need to press multi-button combinations.

Beware, old BIOSes may not respond to keyboards due to NKRO.


If ALT and WIN are swapped or the key allocation is lost:

Press Fn+W until CapsLock blinks (swap ALT and WIN)

Fn+Esc or Win+Esc (factory reset)


Dust cover;
Varmilo wire keycap puller – allows easy removal of keycaps from the keyboard;
USB Type-C cable with Velcro clasp;

Svars1200 g



Melna, Zila

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Cherry MX Silent Red

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