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Speedlink MYX LED Dual Monitor Kit

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As part of the Speedlink MYX series the MYX LED PC Kit will light up the inside of your PC case, delivering a stunning light show. Choose from over 220 different modes for a blast of RGB colour that will make your PC glow in a light that always suits the mood. The accompanying universal remote lets you toggle between lighting modes including rainbow effects, intense static red and ice-cold blue or a sparkling colour wave. You can combine the 30cm stripe with other MYX-series products and control them all using the same remote. And as a special added extra the strip is compatible with a wide range of apps including Asus® Aura Sync®, MSI® Mystic Light, ASRock® Polychrome Sync, Corsair Link® and Gigabyte® RGB Fusion®, making it a breeze to add a MYX strip to your systems and let your creativity run wild.

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  • ED stripe with RGB lighting for PC cases
  • Combinable with other Speedlink MYX-series modding products (monitor stripes, fans)
  • Over 220 different lighting modes
  • All modes configurable by remote control
  • Remote control compatible with all MYX products
  • Compatible with apps from a wide range of brands (e.g. Asus® Aura Sync®, MSI® Mystic Light, ASRock® Polychrome Sync, Corsair Link®, Gigabyte® RGB Fusion®)
  • Effects run smoothly from one strip to the next
  • Individually addressable smart RGB LEDs
  • Custom colour control of each LED
  • Practical Molex® connector for connecting to the AC adapter
  • Additional USB-A male connector for use outside the PC case
  • Additional motherboard adapters (Asus®, Gigabyte®, MSI®, ASRock®) and Corsair® hub adapter
  • Including 3M® adhesive strip and button-cell battery for the remote control
  • LED stripe connector: 3-pin plug
  • Connecting cable connection: Molex® female or USB-A male connector to 3-pin female
  • LED stripe length: 300mm
  • Connecting cable length: 400mm (Molex®), 570mm (USB-A)
  • Overall dimensions: 390 × 10 × 2.8mm (L × W × H)
  • Remote control dimensions: 87 × 40 × 7mm (L × W × H)
  • Total weight of kit: 50g

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