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Zowie by Benq

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Sērija: ZA11
Pieslēgums: Ar vadu
Savienojums: USB 
Forma: Simetriska
Apgaismojums: Nav
Krāsa: Melna
Sensors: Pixart 3310
Frekvence: 1000 Hz
Izšķirtspēja DPI / CPI: 3.200 DPI

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Pieejamībā - 2

The Zowie by BENQ ZA11 gaming mouse is a well-known gaming accessory from the American company Zowie, which is part of the ZA series of manipulators. The main feature of this series is a universal design with a symmetrical body. It allows you to comfortably use the mouse with both right and left hands. In addition, the well-thought-out dimensions of the case make it possible to use not only the palmar, but also the claw grip. The ZA11 mouse model is the oldest, that is, the largest in the line.

Design and filling.
Manipulator Zowie by BENQ ZA11, despite the gaming focus, has a classic shape. The case has smooth contours and does not dig into the hand with sharp corners, as is the case with other well-known manufacturers. The material for its manufacture is plastic, most of the surface has a soft-touch anti-slip coating that is pleasant to the touch, and the lower part is made of simple glossy plastic.
Soft-Touch-plastic is the best fit for a gaming mouse. Thanks to him, the “animal” is perfectly held in the palm of your hand and does not slip out even if your hand gets a little sweaty during an active battle. Small traces that remain on the plastic after use can be easily removed with a cloth or napkin.
The mouse is assembled with the highest quality, does not creak, does not squeak and does not bend when pressed. For which it is necessary to once again thank the engineers of BenQ. The layout of the buttons on the top of the case is classic. There are two mechanical buttons and a rubberized plastic scroll wheel. It is painted black, which adds solidity to the design of the manipulator. To improve grip with your finger, the wheel has grooves. When scrolling, a characteristic crack is heard.
There are no buttons for switching the optical sensor operating modes on the top of the mouse. The company’s engineers placed it down, placing it next to the optical sensor. Nearby there is also an LED, the color of which can determine the current resolution.
The top keys are uniform in size and shape to fit comfortably in either hand. The switches are parts of the well-known company Huano, which are designed for at least 20 million operations.
The back of the mouse is quite raised above the front. This is done so that the case is comfortable to hold and move not only with the whole palm, but only with the fingers. Moreover, the latter option is very convenient and will appeal to many gamers. The shape of the sides of the mouse makes it easy to tear it off the table without interception.
The advantage is the presence of additional – side – buttons. They are both on the right and on the left side of the case. But only those of them that are located under the thumb are involved. Switching is done by simultaneously pressing the mouse wheel and the right or left button. This avoids false clicks during operation. The buttons are made of glossy plastic and look quite impressive.

Features of work.
The mouse does not require special drivers. The device is detected by the operating system automatically after connecting to the USB port. Therefore, you can take the device with you to computer clubs and visit friends who do not allow you to make changes to the settings of programs on your PC. Switching the resolution of the sensor and the polling frequency of the port is carried out mechanically. In the first case, you need to use the button on the bottom surface of the device, in the second case, use the side keys. The cable is long enough to connect it to the system unit, which is far under the table. It does not have a fabric braid, but it is very flexible. And does not interfere with the movement of the manipulator on the table.

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Zowie by Benq

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Pixart 3310

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