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FragON 2X, White/Red

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Sērija: 2X
Krāsa: Sarkana | Balta
Materiāls: Ādas aizvietotājs
Ieteicamais garums: 145-185 cm
Maksimālais svars: 150 kg


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High-quality raw materials

Raw material
Artificial leather, also known as PU leather, is a high-tech product widely used in the industry to enhance consumer’s comfort. PU coated leather has internal layers of genuine leather that has undergone special processing. The upper PU layer is made from polyurethane which molds color and texture. FragON 2X gaming chairs use eco-leather with a “carbon” texture and a texture that repeats the surface of natural leather.

Cold-formed foam (cold foam) is also known as “smart foam” an orthopedic material produced by the presumed cold foam by mold method. Unlike typical fillers (foam rubber or polyurethane foam), “cold foam” is practically long lasting, while the elasticity of the material remains for many years. The material has excellent “springy” properties and the ability to adapt human body’s curves. FragON 2X gaming chairs use “cold foam” with orthopedic “memory effect” and a density of 50m³.

Rrliable construction

The frame of any gaming chair is its skeleton. Skeleton materials can be made with wood, hard plastic or steel. Metrial’s property used in the production of the frame determine the durability and reliability of the chair. The skeleton of FragON 2X series gaming chair consist of a seamless metal structure, the skeleton is made of a metal profile with a diameter of 20mm and a thickness of 1.2mm.

Wheel frame
FragON 2X chair’s wheel frame made of metal and has high strength, durability as well as attractive appearance. During and for lengthy use a wheel frame made of metal emit less irritating sounds while moving in compare with frames made of high-strength plastic.


Armrests are an important criteria for choosing a chair. The armrests existence, their size, shape as well as the ability to adjust the position of the armrests is increasing comfort, reduce fatigue and discomfort in the shoulders and neck. The FragON’s 2X armchairs keep 2 degrees of freedom (up and down, turning to the sides) and allow you to make individual settings for the convenience of users with different anthropometry. The material of the armrests made with dense rubber, tactilely pleasant to the touch.

Chair backrest angle
The backrest should fit snugly against the back and provide constant support to the user. Therefore, most of the time the backrest should be in an upright position or close to it. The angle of inclination of the backrest can be changed for more comfortable position, for example, while watching a video or any other cases up to user. This is an important and useful feature of the chairs which should be used wisely with healthcare. The angle of FragON 2X game chairs is 180 degrees, with fixing position possibility of the backrest at any lean. FragON 2X will not replace a comfy bed but will allow you to relax in the moment of need.

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Svars18000 g

Balta, Sarkana

Chair & Table series



Ādas aizvietotājs

Svara ierobežojums

Līdz 150 kg

Features of Gaming Chairs

Materials: Artificial leather “carbon”
Seat filler: Orthopedic foam, density 50m3
Backrest filler: Polyurethane foam, density 28m3
Frame Materials: Metal
Frame Profile diameter: 20mm
Frame Profile thickness: 1.2mm
Lift class Class: 4
Recommended weight capacity: 130kg
Maximum weight capacity: 150kg
Armrests: 2D, Adjustable, removable
Swing mechanism: Blutterfly
Wheel frame: Metal
Maximum backrest angle adjustment: 180
Supported Height (min/max): 1.55/1.95m

Rollers: Plastic, diameter 6cm
Headrest and backrest: Lumbar, neck pillows

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