Glorious PC Gaming Race GMMK Pro 75 % Switch Plate - Brass, US

Glorious PC Gaming Race


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Fully optimize your board’s sound and feel with high-quality switch plates, custom-designed for the GMMK Pro. Properly installing switch plates requires the disassembly of the GMMK Pro.
UPGRADE LIKE A PRO Swapping out your GMMK PRO’s switch plate is a popular modification which allows you to take full control over your typing experience. Each switch plate material carries different properties of sound and feel which will vary depending on your switch of choice. Swapping out the GMMK PRO’s default aluminum switch plate is quick and easy - all you need is a screwdriver. Experiment with different materials until you find the one that perfectly complements your switches and build.
SUPER-STURDY BRASS Let your switches sing. Tailor your GMMK PRO by using the brushed-gold brass plate. This rigid material creates a higher, musical tone when your switch strikes the plate or “bottoms out.” Additionally, brass’s firmer nature gives switches a super-solid feedback experience that feels just right. **NOTE: Some 3rd party stabilizers (such as Durock) may not fit without slight modification.
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