Dark Project One 87 Violet Horizons, G3MS Sapphire Switch, RU

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Klaviatūras izmērs: 80%
Valoda: RU, EN
Pieslēgums: USB
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Introducing the Dark Project One – Violet Horizons. A keyboard designed with Gamers in mind.
This ergonomic TKL keyboard boasts a Violet/White colour scheme. It features mechanical G3MS Sapphire switches, Double-Shot ABS keycaps with ENG/UA characters, 100% customizable RGB lighting, greased stabilizers, and powerful software for personalized adjustments. Discover below what makes this mechanical keyboard truly exceptional.


2 Different sets of keycap designs straight out of the box!

  • The first set features a picturesque design of snowy peaks against an ornate violet sky, adding a touch of elegance and serenity to your keyboard setup.
  • The second set showcases delicate cherry blossoms, creating a sense of tranquility and beauty that instantly transforms your keyboard’s appearance.

These keycap sets offer a quick and stylish way to enhance your keyboard’s aesthetics, making them the perfect choice for personalizing your setup.

G3MS Sapphire Mechanical switches
The Dark Project engineering team introduced the G3ms switches as their inaugural switch design. This innovative design features a reduced connection area between the stem (the moving part) and the housing, resulting in a smaller friction area. As a result, these switches offer a remarkably smooth operation, eliminating the occurrence of spring ping and any bothersome sounds commonly experienced with other switch types.
Actuation force – 50g
Pre-travel – 2 mm
Durability – 50 million keystrokes

ABS keycaps and Double-Shot technology
The keycap material of the Dark Project One – Violet Horizons gaming keyboard is ABS. It is currently the most popular keycap material used for mechanical keyboards. It is also worth noting that the keycaps were made using Double-Shot production technology (double casting). Each keycap (With the exclusion of Space, Enter & Esc) is made of translucent ABS plastic with a Violet/White coating. The individual symbols are created using a laser that turns the top layer of this coating into a transparent material that conducts the light from the RGB LED. Thanks to this technology the RGB backlight effect is really unique and it also ensures that the legends will never fade away, even after extensive use.

Effortless backlight control – Software and Hotkeys
This Keyboard features a full RGB backlight with a wide range of customizable effects. In addition, the user can choose from an array of 16.7 million colors in order to set the perfect ambience. A separate diode under each key provides a directional light beam and allows you to regulate the color, the intensity, and brightness by using the dedicated Dark Project software or by pressing the pre-set keyboard shortcuts that can be found in the user’s manual included in the box.

Ornate colors and comfort of use
This compact Gaming Keyboard is equipped with 87 keys and a combination of two different keycap designs that compliment Violet/White theme. This colour scheme offers the keyboard an ornate aura. This TKL model is the perfect solution for anyone who needs more space on the desk to move the mouse freely, but also wants to enjoy the comfort of using the arrow keys that are located away from the main body. This keyboard will give them that.

Manually Greased stabilizers
During the keyboard’s assembly process on the conveyor system, the stabilizers are greased, by hand. Greased stabilizers provide a smooth, pleasant feeling when pressed. Thanks to this process, they remain tactilely pleasant and produce a pleasant sound long after their departure from the factory.

Zīmols Dark Project
Svars 900g
Krāsa Violeta
Klaviatūras tips Mehāniska
Klaviatūras izmērs 80%
Aptaujas frekvence 1000 Hz
Taustiņu izvietojums ANSI
Valoda RU, EN
Taustiņu profila veids Cherry
Pogu daudzums 87
Makro taustiņi
Multivides taustiņi
Slēdži G3MS Sapphire
Slēdžu tips Lineārs
Bezvadu savienojums
Pieslēgums USB
Baterijas tips Nav
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