Durgod Fusion Navigator, Cherry MX Silent Red, Wireless, US



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Klaviatūras izmērs: 65%
Valoda: EN
Pieslēgums: 2.4GHz, USB
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Retro design Funky retro design is an homage to an era when grey plastics were romantic, but first and foremost, DURGOD FUSION is a creative tool. By letting you customize it and giving you the best possible performance from a keyboard we want to enable you to do your best creative work. Whether its writing kick-ass code, writing lyrics or editing videos, FUSION enables your creative with every satisfying click. Compact and portable At just 14 inches it's easy to take on the go, in your backpack, or if you're really going retro, in your briefcase. We didn't want any of today's modern tech to ruin the vintage feel, so Durgod have hidden the wireless USB dongle in a magnetic compartment underneath the logo. Typing experience Every key stroke is comfortable, consistent and responsive. We achieved this level of typing experience by using authentic CHERRY MX switches and high-quality keycaps for our Keyboard design. Precise and responsive switches FUSION uses CHERRY MX switches, the leader in key switch technology. Cherry MX switches offer unparalleled precision, fine-tuned tactile and audible feedback as well as linear feel. Cherry MX switches are the industry’s gold standard with great reliability and high performance for fast typing and competitive gaming. The responsive keycaps allow even novice users to feel like advanced players. The keycaps are made from PBT plastic with double-shot legends and fully enclosed letters that will last for years to come. 3 Types of connectivity FUSION is more than your ordinary keyboard. It allows you to use the keyboard in three different ways through its diverse connectivity options. You can connect the keyboard to your phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop via 3 modes of connectivity: • 5.0 Bluetooth • 2.4GHz Wireless • USB Connectivity Compatible with Windows/iOS/Android FUSION is a user-friendly keyboard that’s compatible with most smart devices on the market. Bluetooth connection supports Windows (8 and above), iOS and Android while 2.4GHz connection supports Windows (XP and above), iOS and Android as well. Simply choose the connection that suits you best. Long-lasting battery Through multiple experiments, we’ve implemented a low-energy consumption solution in our retro Keyboard to ensure long-lasting battery life. With a full charge, the Keyboard’s battery can last between 20-40 days using the wireless connection mode (battery life will vary due to environmental and computing conditions).
Zīmols Durgod
Svars 900g
Krāsa Zila
Klaviatūras tips Mehāniska
Klaviatūras izmērs 65%
Aptaujas frekvence 1000 Hz
Taustiņu izvietojums ANSI
Valoda EN
Taustiņu profila veids Cherry
Pogu daudzums 68
Makro taustiņi
Multivides taustiņi
Slēdži Cherry MX Silent Red
Slēdžu tips Lineārs
Bezvadu savienojums
Pieslēgums 2.4GHz, USB
Baterijas tips Akumulators
Darba laiks 120h



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