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Pieslēgums: Ar vadu
Savienojuma tips: USB
Sensors: PixArt PMW 3389
Frekvence: 1000 Hz
Izšķirtspēja DPI / CPI: 16000
Izsekošanas ātrums: 400 IPS
Forma: Ergonomiska
Svars: 69 g
Pieejamība: 8 ir pieejams
Veikals Rīgā (Lāčplēša 72)
Noliktavā Rīgā (G.Dambis 36)
€44.99 €69.99
ULTRA-LIGHT, ERGONOMIC, TOP-GRADE. MEET THE M4. Lightweight construction. State-of-the-art components. Unique, right-handed shape. The M4 takes the performance, feel and durability of lightweight gaming mice to the next level. ”It’s time for lightweight mice to meet the demands of esporters. Based on feedback from our network of pro gamers and the gaming community in general, we’ve created a mouse that’s incredibly light yet top-performing and durable. With a right-handed, ergonomic shape for the right grip and feel.” Erik Jensen, CTO STAND OUT. IN-GAME AND IRL. Starting Project 4, it was clear. The new mouse wasn’t only going to make an impression in-game – we wanted to create something special for all gamers out there. The M4 comes in no less than 5 different versions, including a Retro edition. ”Growing up, it was all about Star Wars, Commodore 64, Atari and Nintendo. For us, that’s where it all started. The Retro edition is a trip down memory lane and a tribute to the early years of gaming.” Joakim Jansson, CEO LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN. ERGONOMIC SHAPE. The M4 is the first ultra-light gaming mouse with an ergonomic, right-handed design – uniquely constructed to weigh less without compromising on shape and feel. Formed by feedback from professional esporters as well as casual gamers, the result is a brand new shape and size. 3389 STATE-OF-THE-ART SENSOR. With Pixart’s highest-performing gaming sensor, you’re ready for the next level. On-the-fly sensitivity settings from 400 to 16 000 Real CPI. 125–1000 Hz polling rate. 400 IPS. Self-adjusting FPS. Translation: Top-grade performance. GRIP AND FEEL. The M4 glides smoothly on 100 % PTFE skates with rounded edges. While the matte UV coating in combination with the structure of holes make for an even better grip over the ergonomic mouse body. Enhancing airflow under your palm, the holes also help you stay comfortable. QUALITY FIRST. The M4 is not just designed to be extremely light. It’s built to last. At 69 grams, we’ve focused on creating the best lightweight gaming mouse rather than cutting down on durability to get rid of a few extra grams. Lower weight must never mean lower quality. No compromises. STRONG CONSTRUCTION. DURABLE COMPONENTS. The shell of the mouse is thoroughly engineered to minimize weight while retaining durability. On the inside, the glowing Xtrfy logo is surrounded by nothing but quality components. Our Omron switches will give you 20 million pro-player optimized clicks. RGB ILLUMINATION. With customizable lighting, it’s easy to add your personal touch to the M4. Choose your color. Switch between numerous LED effects. Adjust the brightness. Or turn the illumination off. All settings are made directly on the mouse. ULTRA-LIGHT IS EVEN LIGHTER WITH THE XTRFY EZCORD. To make smooth swipes even smoother, we created the Xtrfy EZcord. Softer, lighter and more flexible. With a color to match your choice of mouse. ARM 32-BIT MICROCONTROLLER. Fast swipes require high-speed processing. The M4 is powered by an ARM 32-bit microcontroller for uncompromising speed and stability. DUST AND SPLASH RESISTANT. We’ve covered the inside of the mouse in conformal coating to protect the components against dust, splashes and LAN night mishaps.
Zīmols Xtrfy
Svars 300g

Shape: Ergonomic, patent pending

Sensor: Optical Pixart 3389

LED illumination:
Adjustable RGB

Weight: 69 g (excluding cable)

Main switches:
Omron 20M(OF)

Cable: 1.8 m Xtrfy EZcord

Glides: PTFE

Coating: UV coated surface

CPI settings: 400/800/1200/1600/3200/4000/7200/16000

Polling rate settings: 125/500/1000 Hz

IPS: 400

Max acceleration: 50 G

Connection: USB

OS: Win XP/Mac OSX 10.1 or later



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