Xtrfy MZ1 White



Sērija: Xtrfy MZ1
Pieslēgums: Ar vadu
Savienojums: USB
Forma: Ergonomiska
Apgaismojums: Ir
Krāsa: Balta
Sensors: Pixart 3389
Frekvence: 125/500/1000 Hz
Izšķirtspēja DPI / CPI: 16.000 DPI
Pieejamība: 1 ir pieejams
Veikals Rīgā (Lāčplēša 72)
Noliktavā Rīgā (G.Dambis 36)
€39.99 €79.00
• Designed by Rocket Jump Ninja • Unique shape • Ultra-light construction • Pixart 3389 sensor
SHAPE IS KING. The no.1 factor when it comes to aim. Reinvented by a legend in the game. Meet the Xtrfy MZ1 – White Rail.
DESIGNED BY ROCKET JUMP NINJA. Considered by many to be the world’s top mouse reviewer, Zy “Rocket Jump Ninja” Rykoa is one of the most experienced and trusted experts within the field of gaming mice. After more than 150 reviews and over 20 years of experience in first-person shooter games, Rocket Jump Ninja has become a go-to source for both casual gamers and pro players looking for advice on gaming mice.
A SHAPE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN. TO LAND SHOTS YOU'VE NEVER HIT. The MZ1 is built on experience from testing over 250 gaming mice and designed with one goal in mind: to help gamers improve their aim. After years of studying and reviewing the best mice in the world, Rocket Jump Ninja knew what a mouse needed, but the shape didn't exist. Now it does.
"If you want to aim your best, you need a shape that doesn't hinder your movement. Shape is king. But a lot of the mice we get these days are just mirror images, of each other and previous mice. While everything else gets better, the shapes stay mostly the same. We need new and fresh designs. So I decided to test some theories of what would make the best mouse: thin grip width, low button height, high back, subtle curvature on the sides, comfort grooves in the buttons and more. And thankfully, the theories were right. I've never aimed better."
WHITE RAIL. The rails along the top of the mouse are its most defining feature, there to assist with comfort, grip and aim, but the name is also a tribute to the classic Railgun in Quake, Rocket Jump Ninja's no.1 game for 22 years.
STATE-OF-THE-ART COMPONENTS. Selected by one of the toughest critics in the world, the components in the MZ1 are top-tier and well-proven. Under the shell, you’ll find an ARM 32-bit microcontroller and the Pixart 3389 sensor.
ULTRA-LIGHT YET DURABLE. One reason why Rocket Jump Ninja and Xtrfy teamed up is because we share the same perspective on quality. Specs are meaningless if they don’t improve your play. And performance doesn’t matter if it doesn’t last. The MZ1 is constructed to provide consistent, top-grade performance for years to come.
EFFORTLESS GLIDE FOR FAST PLAYS. The MZ1 features 100 % PTFE skates with rounded edges for smoother glide, while the shape and hole structure of the shell make for a steadier grip. Enhancing airflow under your palm, the holes also help you stay comfortable.
CUSTOMIZABLE RGB. RGB just leveled up. The crisp illumination of Xtrfy’s mice is even more impactful with the transparent shell of the MZ1. Choose your color. Switch between numerous LED effects. Adjust the brightness. Or turn the illumination off. All settings are made directly on the mouse.
NO SOFTWARE NEEDED. The MZ1 lets you adjust the CPI, Polling Rate and Lift-Off Distance at the flick of a switch and press of a button. And when you're done adjusting your settings, the top button can be set to "F11", so you can bind it to whatever you want in-game.
XTRFY EZCORD® PRO (NEW) The MZ1 comes with the new Xtrfy EZcord Pro. Softer, lighter and more flexible, but not at the cost of durability. At Xtrfy, quality comes first and the EZcord Pro is made to last.
DUST AND SPLASH RESISTANT. The inside of the mouse is covered with conformal coating to protect the components against dust, splashes and LAN night mishaps.
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Interesantu formu uztaisija Ninja, viegls vads un spīd kā ziemassvetku aglīte

Arvis - June 08, 2023

Не смотря на то, что форма поначалу показалась непривычной - мышка топовая! Доставили на следующий день! 5/5

Dmitrijs - October 03, 2022