Canyon Deimos GС-4

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Sērija: Deimos
Krāsa: Melna | Oranža
Materiāls: Ādas aizvietotājs
Maksimālais svars: 150 kg


Pieejamība: 11 ir pieejams
Veikals Rīgā (Lāčplēša 72)
Noliktavā Rīgā (G.Dambis 36)
€189.99 €224.90
1.5 MM THICK METAL FRAME This chair is reinforced with a 1.5 mm thick metal frame. This is important for better durability and stability of the chair, as well as improved handling. Besides, this frame makes the construction of the chair even more reliable.
60 MM POLYURETHANE CASTORS A five-pointed nylon base with 60 mm polyurethane castors provides the chair with excellent stability and quiet rolling on any surface. Thanks to this, the chair moves without excessive effort. Unfailing assistance for a perfect win!
4TH GENERATION GAS LIFT The chair has a reliable gas lift, which allows you to adjust the seat height with maximum precision. Due to this, you can conveniently sit at any table, avoiding unnecessary strain on the arms and shoulders. Gas lift is made with the latest technology, which has undergone rigorous testing.
ECO LEATHER AND FOAM FILLING The chair is covered by a high-quality eco-leather that echoes leather utilized in the interior of premium cars. It is easy to clean, resistant to damage, and pleasant to the touch. High-quality foam filler gently supports the body, thus helping muscles to avoid discomfort and fatigue.
LUMBAR SUPPORT CUSHION The lower back is often subjected to excessive loads, so we paid special attention to the lumbar support cushion design. It will give you maximum comfort even if you want to play for many hours. Sit comfortably and win in long games!
HEADREST SUPPORT CUSHION Winning in long battles is possible only when you're in a good mood and seated with maximum convenience. To ensure this, we equipped the chair with a soft cushion, which provides additional support for a head and allows a neck to rest. No more feeling of tightness in the neck and shoulders!
3D ARMRESTS WITH 15° IN AND OUT ANGLE These 3D-armrests are designed with the use of the latest technology. They can be moved forward and backward, up and down, and also up to 15° in and out. This allows you to avoid overstrain in the arms for a long time. Get maximum comfort even after many hours of play!
90°-165° BACKREST TILT Take a rest without losing control over the game! You can recline the back of the chair 90°-165°, stretch, and give the muscles of the back and arms to relax. A few minutes of relaxation - and you can play again at full power!
TOP GUN MECHANISM A well-balanced and perfectly centered "top gun" mechanism ensures comfortable seating. It brings a soft "rocking-chair" effect to the gaming chair, allowing you to adjust the sitting angle and the level of rocking.
Zīmols Canyon
Svars 27kg



(3 klientu atsauksmes)

Skaists krēsls, kas pārvietojas klusi un vienmērīgi. Es to izmantoju katru dienu, spēlēšana tajā ir ērta. Ērti, ka pārtraukumos starp spēlēm krēslā var atlaisties un atpūsties; atzveltne viegli noliecas. Man tas patīk.

Marcus - November 29, 2023

Krēsls ir foršs, sēžu tajā ilgi un jūtos ērti. Priecājos, ka izvēlējos tieši šo modeli, jo bija domas arī starp citu krēslu. Krēsls nečīkst, brauc viegli un gludi. Ērta atzveltne, kasir arī nolaižama.

Juris - October 26, 2023

Izskatās lieliski, ērti sēž pat 180cm augumā, līdzi nāk ērts sešstūra skrūvgriezis un instrukcija. Roku balstu regulēšanai ir daudz norādījumu. Diezgan kvalitatīva āda, viegli montējama

Olivers - September 22, 2023